Planarversity 101: So You Want to be a Hero?

Dungeons & Dragons meets academia! Plumes and Parchments is a D&D 4E campaign centering around The Planarversity, a prestigious multiplanar private institution of higher learning founded a centry ago in the famed city of Sigil.

The Planarversity exists to uncover and unify the knowledge of the planes. As a secondary function, the Planarversity gathers the brighest exemplars from the known worlds to nurture, educate and polish into heroic examples of its ideals.

The Players begin as newly enrolled students at the local Forgotten Realms campus of the Planarversity at Waterdeep, undergraduates at campaign start, brought to the school by chance, by birth, or by fortune, yet all united by a common thread: the thirst for knowledge and adventure.

Beginning the Campaign

House Rules

Plumes and Parchments