Waterdeep Planarversity

The Planarversity

Waterdeep Planarversity, formerly known as the Solice Academy, is located in Waterdeep, the largest city on the continent of Toril, on the planet of Abeir-Toril, better known in Lore as the Forgotten Realms.

The Waterdeep Planarversity is the oldest and largest campus of the Planarversity, and was founded by the late sun elf archmage, Esperifiel Solice, co-founder of the Planarversity.

The Solice estates had been home to a small, private school of magic. After the death of Mystra, Solice rededicated the school to rekindling the lost flame of magic from the Realms, and took great effort into expanding the Solice Academy, bringing in more teachers and more students. His efforts were the foundation for the future Planarversity.

The western cliffs of Waterdeep overlooking the sea are home to the school campus, a large rocky estate along the Cliffride in the exclusive Castle Ward. Of note, the school neighbors famed Blackstaff Tower and the bardic college New Olamn, and lies far above the ruins of the legendendary dungeon of Undermountain.

The campus is home to the College of Natural Studies and the College of Cosmology.

Elerrielle Solice, human granddaughter of Esperifiel Solice and daughter of Grazielle Solice, serves as the current Preceptor of Waterdeep Planarversity.

Current Events in Waterdeep 

Waterdeep Planarversity

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