Sigil Planarversity

The Planarversity

Sigil Planarversity is home to the adminstrative offices of the Planarversity, and the majority of its graduate students hail the Sigil campus as home.

The name is a misnomer of sorts. The main entrance to Sigil Planarversity is the Planarversity Central Spire in the city of Sigil, but the Central Campus itself is located in a large private demesne hidden away in a distant corner of the Astral Sea. The Spire is located in the Clerk's Ward of Sigil, occupying what appears to be a relatively modest archmage's tower. The Spire primarily serves as a nexus between campuses. Doorways exist to and from the Central Spire to every Planarversity campus.

Without using a Planarversity portal, traveling to the Sigil Planarversity via the Astral Sea is a long and perilous journey.

Chancellor Etuan Himemiya currently presides over the Planarversity from the Hall of Humility at the Central Campus.

The campus is home to the Academy of Magic, the College of Divine and Primal Studies, and the Graduate School of Planar Studies.

Points of Interest

  • The Door of Rooms in the Central Spire is a portal to the Planarversity campuses. Depending on how one opens the door determines one's destination.
  • The Forest of Knowledge at Central Campus is home to the Planarversity's largest repository of knowledge, as well as the largest shrine to the exarch Solace.
  • The River of Rememberance is the source of water for the school, starting underneath the Central Campus and flowing out into the Astral Sea.
  • The Hall of Humility at Central Campus is the main administrative building of the Planarversity.

Sigil Planarversity

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