Sigil, the City of Doors.

From Sigil, one could conceivably walk to the Nine Hells and back. Sigil itself is a demiplane teeming with doorways to all the known planes of existence.

Sigil is the home of myriad planar factions of countless origin. Every major god and every major mortal empire has some presence in Sigil. As a result, Sigil is a neutral ground. Though fights among immortals may commonly flare up, open warfare is a rarity. Everyone must wear at least the semblance of civility in Sigil.

The unique ecology of Sigil and its existence as a cultural and literal nexus of the known worlds makes it the perfect home for the Planarversity.

Sigil is divided into six wards:

* The Lady's Ward – where the cream of Sigil resides.

* Market Ward – where Sigil spends its money.

* Guildhall Ward – the middle class of Sigil.

* Lower Ward – blue collar Sigil.

* The Hive – the other side of the planar tracks.

* Clerk's Ward – the seat of Sigil bureaucracy and culture, and the location of the Planarversity Central Spire.


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