Rite of Enrollment

The Planarversity

Ritual: Rite of Enrollment

Component Cost: 10 gp

Market Price: not for sale

Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

Level: 10

Category: Creation

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: Permanent

All students are required to undergo the Rite of Enrollment ritual upon accepting admission to a college of the Planarversity. The ritual requires a willing target and an everburning seed of a fire blossom tree as the material component. The rite is similar to an Arcane Mark, but unlike the mark, the Rite of Enrollment creates a unique magical glyph that that is not determined by the ritual caster. The glyph is enscribed on the target's forehead and is invisible. Seen by a creature using Arcana to detect magic, the glyph appears only as an everburning seed. To a person wearing Rose Colored Glasses, a glyph telepathically reveals the following details to the wearer:

  • The name of person glyph marked
  • The college of enrollment of the person glyph marked
  • The name of the person who cast the Rite of Enrollment
  • The date and location of the casting

Arcana skill checks reveal the following information:

  • DC 15: an everburning seed is visible on the bearer's forehead
  • DC 25: the name of person glyph marked
  • DC 40: the same information as if wearing Rose Colored Glasses
The enrollment rune can be removed or rewritten with an additional casting of the Rite of Enrollment.

Rite of Enrollment

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