Planarversity Uniforms

The Planarversity

As a rule, uniforms are required for all students and faculty during school hours on Planarversity campuses. Anyone not in uniform will be stopped by the Order of the Rose who regularly patrol the campuses.

Exceptions for classes or activities which require different uniforms (e.g. sparring armor, swimsuits) are allowed. In those instances, uniforms also exist.

In practice, uniform enforcement varies per campus. Having once been a student, Preceptor Solice at Waterdeep Planarversity is very strict, whereas at Shadowfell Planarversity, Preceptor Akioh doesn't care in the slightest. In his eyes, uniforms are only needed when you don't know what your men look like. He knows every single one of them, by look and by smell…

Two sets of uniforms and laundering are provided free of charge by the school. Additional clothing is for sale from the college bookstores.

Male Uniforms

  • Black peacoat or black cloak in winter (optional)
  • White tunic
  • Black pants (or armor)
  • Black boots (or armor)
Female Uniforms
  • Black bolero jacket, short or long sleeve (optional)
  • Red overcoat and/or red cloak in winter (optional)
  • White blouse, short or long sleeve
  • Knee-length rose skirt, or black riding pants in winter (or armor)
  • Knee-length white hose
  • Black shoes or boots (or armor)

In addition, epaulet ribbons must be worn to designate the College. Wearing epaulet ribbons of another college is forbidden.


College of Cultural Studies (CCS) – Silver

College of Natural Studies (CNS) – Purple

College of Cosmology (CC) – Yellow

College of Martial Science (CMS) – Vermillion

Academy of Magic (Solice) – Emerald Green

Divine and Primal Studies (DPS) – Cobalt

Graduate School of Planar Studies (Espers) – Gold

Order of the Rose – Rose

It is common practice for female students to wear ribbons and bows around their necks or in their hair the same color of their epaulet ribbonsl.

Planarversity Uniforms

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