Planarversity Tuition

The Planarversity

As can be imagined, tuition to the Planarversity can be expensive, even for minor landed lords, and usually well beyond the means of most people. Scholarships and financial aid have been established in order to allow the school to bring in the best and brightest, despite their economic means.

Present annual undergraduate fees run approximately 300 gold per quarter, including tuition, room and board, due at the beginning of each quarter. A standard four-year undergraduate term amounts to four quarters per year, 4,800 gold in total.

Financial aid options include employment within the school, paid internships, and outright merit based scholarships. 

Players are expected to pay for the tuition fees, either through specific backgrounds, feats, or in character methods, e.g. scholarship, employment, financial aid, etc. Level one characters enrolled in the Planarversity are assumed to have paid the first quarter fees.


Planarversity Tuition

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