Planarversity Students

The Planarversity

The Planarversity offers undergraduate and graduate level degree programs.

Undergraduate students are generally in their first through fourth year of education at the Planarversity. Undergrads spend the majority of their time at a primary planar campus, such as Waterdeep Planarversity, to safely pursue their education. Short periods of study abroad occur every year, though only within sanctioned relatively safe regions.

Undergraduate Players correspond to the Heroic tier (levels 1-10).

Graduate students are generally in their fifth through seventh year of education at the Planarversity. Grad students share their time across all the campuses, and often go on extended planar travel abroad.

Graduate Players correspond to the Paragon tier (levels 11-20).

Notable Undergraduates

Arkadio Durothil

Aya Solice 

Cheren of Khaghun

Jarl Beornson

Maya Solice


Tarsith of Solace

Planarversity Students

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