Planarversity Code of Conduct

The Planarversity

Students are required to adhere to the Planarversity Code of Conduct at all times. As their studies may send them to locations with different sets of rules, students are advised to adhere to local laws and customs when possible. However, Planarversity laws supersede any and all other laws and customs.

Planarversity laws are protected and enforced by the Order of the Rose, the standing policing force of the Planarversity.

Laws of Note

  • School uniforms must be worn while on campus during school hours.
  • Planarversity staff and students are strongly advised to maintain a neutral stance while studying in the field and keep a distance from local politics. Though decidedly unaligned, the Planarversity has often taken sides, more often than not, in support of Good or Lawful Good factions—for purely pragmatic reasons. Such administrations are generally more favorable to scholarly pursuits.
  • Duels between Planarversity students is regulated within the Planarversity Code of Dueling, and violators shall be subject to academic probation or possible expulsion.
  • Material theft from the Planarversity and/or its members is punishable by expulsion immediately following equivalent reimbursement of all properties if possible.
  • Knowledge theft from the Planarversity and/or its members is punishable by expulsion immediately following a memory extraction of all stolen knowledge. Collateral memory loss is a common and acceptable consequence.
  • Non-sanctioned violence against another student or faculty member leading to death is punishable by expulsion immediately following reimbursement of all material fees required to return any persons back to life and memory extraction of all Planarversity knowledge.
  • Violations of local cultural laws or customs which cause a significant negative impact upon the Planarversity will result in permanent barring of access to the culture. Repeated violations shall result in expulsion or transfer to cultural auhorities.
  • Divine intervention which interrupts with the regular functions of the Planarversity is prohibited. Violators shall be subject to expulsion, and gods will be barred from access to worshippers on school grounds.
  • Divine proselytizing is prohibited on school grounds.
  • Necromancy on school grounds is expressly prohibited without explicit permission from school administration. Violators shall be subject to expulsion.

Planarversity Code of Conduct

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