Planarversity Admissions

The Planarversity

New admissions are open to all intelligent humanoid races. The application process itself not public. Generally, a representative of the Planarversity visits the applicant. Often, the representative interviews the applicant in private, though an interview is not always required. Sometimes, there is a test of knowledge or skill. Requests to clarify the admission process are not answered, and all decisions are final for that academic year. Requests to apply in following years are usually unanswered.

Slightly less than half of all new students did not seek out the Planarversity. Representatives of the school constantly scout for new students, following a list of criteria known only to school officials. New classes rarely show any similarity from year to year. Only after deciding to approve on admission do they approach the candidate. Most do not refuse the call to the Planarversity. Financial aid and scholarships exists in various forms.

A very small number of full academic scholarships are handed out annually via open double-elimination combat tournaments. Mercy is an example of one of this year's winners.

Tournament brackets are broken up by level: 1, 2, and 3. Applicants beyond level 3 are not allowed to enter the tournament.

Please talk to the GM to determine how your PC enrolled into the Planarversity.

Planarversity Admissions

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