everburning seed

The Forest of Knowledge

The seeds of magical fire blossom trees are known as everburning seeds. The trees are found exclusively in the Forest of Knowledge. The seeds are the holy symbol of the demigod Solace.

Once a year, fire blossom trees in the Forest of Knowledge flower, becoming covered in hot glowing white five-petaled flowers that steadily shift from white to pink to red over the course of a month. The flowers catch flame and take to the wind. The burning embers that land are everburning seeds. A few seeds that land in the Forest of Knowledge germinate to form new fire blossom trees.

Everburning seeds planted outside the Forest of Knowledge grow fire blossom trees that bloom, but the trees do not give off heat and the flowers do not catch flame and will never produce everburning seeds.

Despite the name, the magical flames of everburning seeds cannot ignite anything they touch. The seeds feel warm to the touch and give off flickering light equivalent to a torch.

everburning seed

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