Beginning the Campaign

Plumes and Parchments begins at level 1, using a modified player character creation system.

Players may play one of the premade characters, or create their own character. Premade characters come with specific bonuses that give them a slight advantage versus standard starting characters. All characters, premade or player made, are level one with standard 22-point customized ability scores.

Players who wish to create their own character have two options:

  1. Create a character of any class and race, or
  2. Create a character of a class and race of the DM's choice, and as a bonus, receive two +1 magic items of the DM's choice.

All player characters must follow these guidelines:

  1. Race must be from the Player's Handbook or Player's Handbook 2
  2. Good, Lawful Good, or Unaligned alignment
  3. Speak Common or Elven
  4. Begin the campaign enrolled as a first year freshman undergraduate at Waterdeep Planarversity
  5. All official Dungeons & Dragons rules sources (e.g. Player's Handbook, Player's Handbook 2, Arcane Power, Dungeon magazine, Dragon magazine) may be used, but are subject to final approval by the DM.

The Character Builder is highly recommended for character creation.

The year is 1479 Dale Reckoning, The Year of the Ageless One. Ten years have passed since the death of Esperifiel Solice, founder of the Planarversity, and nearly a century has passed since the Spellplague. Midsummer in Winterdeep has passed, and the new fire blossom saplings have begun to sprout in the Forest of Knowledge at the Central Campus, marking the beginning of a new and exciting year at the Planarversity.

Enroll now! Matriculation and Orientation.

Current Events in Waterdeep

Beginning the Campaign

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